Monday, August 4, 2008

Who Uses an Apostrophe in an Australian Name?

So I work with this whorus malorus... Let's just call her Kelly'Jean. Because, after all, that is actually her name.

My main beef with her is that she is a total and complete fuckhead, but on a more finicky, petty level, I have a HUGE PROBLEM with her ridiculous name. As if KellyHyphenJean wouldn't have been bad enough, her parents had to go and add insult to injury and throw in an apostrophe. Just for fun, it would seem. How strange, that she seems to still love them anyway.

I understand that there are several names out there that to have apostrophes in them. For the most part, they are generally some kind of indigenous Islander/Maori/Aboriginal names. Any names that contain apostrophes that don't fall under the 'it's a cultural thing' category are just ridiculous and insulting to children.

I pity her, really. She had no choice to become a twisted wacko after being burdened with a name like KellyApostropheJean.

If you are about to have a child - please, THINK before you name it something ridiculous.

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