Monday, March 16, 2009

Big Gay Day is Full of Homosexuals

Who knew?

Who could possibly have imagined that there would not be a single cute straight boy at Big Gay Day? I was thoroughly disappointed in my lesbians for dragging me along to an event where I did not even have a chance to pick up. What was the point? Although having said that I probably could have picked up if I wanted to munch on some fish taco. Or let a gay man cut all my hair off and take me from behind.

Also, I have learned that I have a thrusting threshold. There is only so much thrusting I can stand to watch in one 12-hour period. Big Gay Day thoroughly exceeded all thrusting expectations that I may have had prior to attending. I love queeny little gay boys as much as the next straight girl, but when it comes to them rubbing up against each other so much that their fake tans run together and eventually their chest stubble catches fire, I tend to be of the belief that it may be slightly too much contact. And the licking. There was too much licking from everyone in attendance.

One part of the festival that I did enjoy was the alcohol. Running out of cigarettes and having to bare my chest to a 50 year old gay man who then asked to motorboat me just for a SINGLE CIGARETTE was... actually sorta fun. Probably due to the alcohol.

Big Gay Day should be attended by gays only, unless you have every intention of getting so drunk you can hardly see.
Here's some queers from last year's festival. Except in real life they're much sweatier.